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Why does Desenk Elevator not Allow You to Decide Whether They Stop


Initially, all elevators are controlled by the elevator […]

Initially, all elevators are controlled by the elevator operator. The elevator operator will ask you which floor you want to go to, and then control the elevator inside the car. They can access multiple interfaces to control the speed, as well as the stop floor. This means that they are responsible for adjusting according to the load and tension in the cable, as well as some other factors at any given time.

Most of the current elevators (with buttons inside the elevator) are not actually controlled from the elevator. The signal is sent from the push-button to the controller located in the engine room (usually on the roof), which coordinates all lifts within the building. When the car presses the button, the controller instructs a particular elevator to go to a particular selected floor. However, when the button is pressed outside the elevator, the controller identifies the most suitable elevator for parking on the floor. This may be based on distance, ground, or direction of travel.

At present, the elevator controller sends only certain information and feedback to the interface of each vehicle. This may be the current floor number and direction of travel, whether there is an active alarm or malfunction and which floors are programmed to stop. However, most of the information that the controller can access has never actually been sent to the car. Although the controller knows this, people in the car is not likely to know from which floor elevator access.

The modern system of large buildings has been far away from the traditional "elevator controller" relationship and has been allocated to passengers at a faster rate and efficiency. This is done by the visitors choosing the destination floor outside the elevator. Each is then guided to the known elevator car, which is then programmed to stop on the floor. Therefore, the elevator itself is not controlled. Construction owners are able to reduce the installed capacity of elevators while saving energy costs. These systems considerably eliminate the full demand for the desenk elevator interface within the car.