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When it comes to hospital elevator drivers


When it comes to hospital elevator drivers, hospital el […]

When it comes to hospital elevator drivers, hospital elevator everyone may be familiar with them. In many large hospitals, they can often see them. They follow the elevators up and down every day, and are responsible for safely transporting passengers to the required floors. On the basis that the current elevator technology development is very mature, if this post only has this job responsibilities, the significance of existence is not long. So what special roles do they play? Why should I set up an elevator driver in a hospital elevator?

With these questions, we carefully reviewed the information and consulted some professionals to sort out the reasons as follows:

The so-called "elevator accident" is caused by the following reasons:

First, the sudden power outage of the elevator caused the faulty person;

The second is that the mechanical part of the elevator or the electrical parts fail to function; the third is that the motor failure speed is suddenly abnormal;

Fourth, the elevator wire rope is broken;

Fifth, the elevator computer control program is wrong;

Sixth, the elevator is overloaded, the passengers are not used properly or the maintenance is not in place.

As a special equipment, the elevator requires professional technicians to operate after training hospital elevator to ensure efficiency and safety during the use of the elevator. The elevator driver is like a seasoned taxi driver or a riverside ferryman who can safely deliver passengers to their destination in a short period of time.

Improve operational efficiency

The elevator driver service is designed to meet the elevator's accurate and efficient access to the destination floor. After the driver service function is activated, the elevator can be directly decided by the elevator driver to go to the specific floor and ignore the call of other floor users. For example, on the 10th floor, a patient urgently needs to take a chest radiograph on the 1st floor. The medical staff can call the elevator driver by phone. After the elevator driver delivers the passengers in the elevator to the floor, he can directly control the elevator to the 10th floor. .