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What Do You Need to Notice When Using Elevator


The most common accidents involving elevators may not n […]

The most common accidents involving elevators may not necessarily be life threatening, but certainly frustrating. Although most cases may not as serious as that of Nicholas White, trapped in the elevator in New York within forty-one hours, but almost everyone knows the experience of primary or secondary pauses - often called suck - at least a few minutes.

Other elevator accidents, however, are rare, but severe. Japan's elevator safety problem has been seriously questioned recently, when a 16 year old boy was taken hostage, a 16 year old boy was snatched, suddenly up and down, causing serious damage to his skull. In 2003, doctors in Houston were decapitated by a faulty elevator, becoming one of the more than 30 deaths in elevators in the country each year.

To effectively avoid this possibility, consider the following safety tips before taking an elevator for the next time:

1. Be careful when closing the door, and don't try to slip in at last. Many people think that security sensors are absolute, but that's not always the case. In addition, many are located near the center of the door, so if for some reason you happen to be near the bottom of the elevator, pay special attention to your actions.

2. Enter and exit the car only at the designated floor arrangement. A common fault in lift handling involves turning the door open when the elevator does not stop or stop halfway, exposing the shaft below. Even if you're stuck, don't try to pull out of the stuck process in this way. Instead, ask for help and wait for the crew to correct the elevator.

3. Always keep clear elevator shafts in relation to the above. Separate from the obvious possibility of falling in, some office buildings have very fast cars, and if curiosity is better of you, you can attract them from above or below.

4. The last, be aware of any suspicious activity of potential companions. Never risk your life when people around make you feel uncomfortable.