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The Weighing Device Of The Car Elevator


Car elevator is a special elevator to solve the problem […]

Car elevator is a special elevator to solve the problem of vertical transportation of cars. Its standard load of 3000KG, 5000KG. Speed of 0.25-0.5m / s. As an important vertical vehicle for vehicles, car lifts save up to 80% of the floor space and double the car's turnaround efficiency over traditional car ramps.

The weighing device of the car elevator not only can realize the overload protection, but also can correctly reflect the load information of the elevator when the car is partially loaded, so that passengers can adjust the load in time and improve the traction conditions of the elevator. Car elevator car more narrow, if still like ordinary passenger elevators, under the car beam to set a single micro switch or weight sensor, when the car partial load can not accurately reflect the car load.

Car is defined in the definition of car elevator car elevator to distinguish itself from other elevators the only element, which determines the car elevator car interior dimensions should be consistent with the shape of the passenger car. According to the new economic car defined criteria and "garage building design specifications", a variety of passenger car design models outline size and weight is determined. Therefore, car elevator car size should also be determined.

In the context of the growing size of the modern city, car service for car elevator also has broad prospects for development. In recent years, with the rapid development of auto sales industry and auto service industry, car lifts have been widely used in places such as car parks, car stores, car repair, stations and automobiles, real estate and business clubs. In contrast, the traction car elevator from the traditional traction type freight elevator technology developed from the basic stage to meet the modern three-dimensional development of the city's needs, but in the long run, hydraulic car elevator layout and energy saving and environmental protection , More able to adapt to the future development trend of car lifts.