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The Risk of Taking an Elevator and the Solution


Because the elevator to hang the wire rope installed a […]

Because the elevator to hang the wire rope installed a safety device, it becomes an elevator. Therefore, the elevator since the date of the invention has been marked with a security mark. Today's elevator its security and 150 years ago has been unable to compare, according to the information: take the elevator than climb the stairs safe 10 times. Not only that, compared with cars, trains and other means of transport, the elevator is the safest.

Passengers entering or leaving the elevator through the floor door, this time may cause damage is falling into the shaft or cut; passengers in the elevator process, may cause harm from the abnormal increase speed caused by weightlessness, overweight and shock. The probability of occurrence of these dangerous events is not high, but the consequences are extremely serious, is the biggest security risk must be excluded.

In the process of taking the elevator, there are three spaces related to the passengers: one is the floor, the horizontal space at different heights; one is the hoistway, connects the vertical space of each floor; the other is the elevator car, Up and down the passengers and transported to the different floors of the enclosed space. The floor and the car are safe and the hoistway is dangerous. Obviously, the elevator must provide such a guarantee that the passenger can only be on the floor or in the car and can not enter the hoistway; if the passenger part of the body is part of the floor in the car, the car is absolutely inactive.

Elevator stop when the speed is zero, the normal operation of the rated speed to do uniform linear motion. In the transition between the zero-speed and rated speed is to do even acceleration or uniform slowdown movement, then passengers will bear a certain overweight and weight loss, under normal circumstances may have minor discomfort but will not cause any harm. In the event of an accident in the operation of the elevator, if the car is running at a speed greater than the specified value, the car is not docked at the end station and is heading towards the bottom or roof of the hoistway, the running elevator is suddenly interrupted, and the elevator is equipped with safety The part will function to stop the elevator. In order to ensure passenger safety during the operation of the safety parts, the elevator provides the assurance that the deceleration of the car does not exceed the gravitational acceleration gn. Passengers bear the value of gn to stop the deceleration means that the sole plate to bear the weight of 2 times the duration of the general will not exceed 1s, so gn is an internationally recognized security system to reduce speed.

In this way, the desenk elevator to the passengers to create a safe space and a safe plus speed, thus ensuring the absolute safety of the elevator ride.