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The hospital is dirty, it is no secret


The hospital is dirty, it is no secret. A pathogen such […]

The hospital is dirty, it is no secret. A pathogen such as Clostridium difficile that is easily infected in hospitals is called a "invisible killer." From white coat to ultrasound diagnostic equipment, all the daily items in the ward are breeding grounds for germs. A new study, now published in the journal Open Medicine, unveils the mystery of a little-known bacterial hotspot, the hospital's elevator button!

The study, conducted by three doctors,hospital elevator  compared the number of bacteria living on 120 elevator buttons in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with the number of bacteria on 96 toilet surfaces.

To find out how dirty the surface of the hospital's objects was, the researchers used a cotton swab to wipe the elevator buttons, the bathroom door handles, and the toilet handles or buttons. A laboratory technician who did not know the source and purpose of the samples subsequently performed a laboratory analysis. As a result, there is no doubt that elevator buttons are more disgusting than waiting room magazines or hotel TV remotes, and elevator buttons are even more dirty than toilet surfaces.

The study pointed out that "the place where the elevator button has colonies accounts for 61%", while the toilet is only 43%.

There are still some limitations in this research. Because these samples were collected during the flu season, the flu pandemic may prompt people to use more hand sanitizers. And it was cold outside at the time, and many people wore gloves. This means that the hospital surface may be more dirty than the results found by the researchers. On the other hand, because influenza is prevalent, there may be more patients in the hospital than usual, which can lead to bias in the research results.