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The common classification method of elevators


The common classification method of elevators, but beca […]

The common classification method of elevators, but because elevators have a certain degree of versatility, they are used more often in applications depending on their use. However, the actual standards are not very clear.
Passenger elevator
It is mainly used for transporting passengers, and it is also suitable for transporting daily objects of appropriate weight and volume. Applicable to high-rise residential, office buildings, hotels or restaurants and other public places with high traffic.passenger elevator  The interior of the car has high requirements for decoration, strict requirements for running comfort, good lighting and ventilation facilities, limited number of passengers, limited area in the car, and a large proportion of the width and depth of the car to facilitate personnel access. To improve operational efficiency, it runs faster. Derivatives include residential elevators and sightseeing elevators.
2. Freight elevator
It is mainly used for transporting goods and can transport accompanying loading and unloading personnel. Due to the different physical properties of the goods being transported, the internal volume of the car varies greatly. However, in order to meet the requirements of loading and unloading goods, its structure requires strong. Due to the large shipping weight, the general operating speed is low to save equipment investment and power consumption. The ratio of width to depth of the car is generally less than 1.
3. Passenger and cargo elevators
Mainly used to transport passengers, but also to transport goods. Its structure is stronger than passenger lifts and its decorative requirements are lower. It is generally used in service departments of companies and hotels.
4. Bed elevator
For medical units to transport patients, medical aids. Its characteristic is that the ratio of width to depth of the car is small, and the depth dimension is ≥2.4m, so as to be able to accommodate the sickbed, the operation is required to be stable, the noise is small, and the leveling accuracy is high.
5. Miscellaneous elevators
This is an elevator specially designed for transporting small items. The maximum load is 500kg. If the rated load of the car is more than 250kg, safety devices such as speed limiter and safety gear shall be provided. In order to prevent personal accidents, it is forbidden to use passengers and loading and unloading cargo to extend the head into the vehicle. For this purpose, the height of the car compartment must not exceed 1.4m, the area must not exceed 1.25m2, and the depth must not exceed 1.4m.
Other special-purpose elevators include car elevators and ship elevators.
Second, according to the speed classification