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The Birth Of The First Passenger Elevator In The World


Although the elevator had been used for thousands of ye […]

Although the elevator had been used for thousands of years, it was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that the first passenger elevator was invented. Before that, the elevator was really dumb. Usually composed of a simple rope hoist system. These dumbs are driven by people, animals or water.

At the end of the eighteenth century, one of the first major developments in elevator technology was the birth. Russian inventor Ivan Kulibin invented an elevator using a screw drive system rather than a crane. Kulibin's elevator will be installed in the Hermitage, a few years later, another Kulibin lift will be installed in the outskirts of Moscow Arkhangelskoye.

Although the elevator had many documented uses, it was not until 1884 that the first passenger elevator was visible, when a very talented inventor, Elisha Otis, introduced the world's first safe elevator. Otis led a very interesting life, is a talented mechanic. While supervising the construction of the new factory, he invented a method, if the rope rupture, to stop the rope hoist fall.

After the plant was built, he began to collect mine in California when he began to receive many questions about his elevator. Seeing the market for this device, he started his own company, designed to provide businesses with business dumb. In 1854, Otis introduced the first passenger elevator, which used a new safety design to prevent cable failure. His design is the basis of the safety system used by today's elevators.

Otis's first safe elevator was exhibited at a building crystal palace in New York. Crystal Palace is considered to be the place where people around the world know and show their designs. He soon received orders for his elevator, and the first permanent passenger elevator was installed for several years after 1857. The safety hoist is not the only contribution to the elevator technology. He also developed a steam-powered elevator in 1861. This elevator is unique, because it contains its own steam generator, so even if there is no power companies can also use the elevator.