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Stretcher Elevator Plays An Important Role in Our Life


The healthcare infrastructure is growing and the hospit […]

The healthcare infrastructure is growing and the hospital is in an emergency. Patient transfer to the operating room or postoperative wards always requires less time for transposition. Stretcher Elevator has the characteristics of smooth driving, economic power saving, smooth and comfortable driving, accurate parking, strong emergency control function, safety and reliability. Car size in line with the hospital elevator Indian standards. Rugged floors and interiors ensure easy and long life. Vertical side panels, full height, made of steel and externally bolted to provide a complete inner surface with ideal strength and stiffness.

Stretcher elevator size is a very important idea because elevators are often used in our lives to facilitate the handling of things, especially in hospitals. In order to prevent unnecessary trouble, the state promulgated the latest requirements on stretcher lift size. State regulations to reach more than 12 floors of the floor, you must set two or more elevators, one of which must be a stretcher elevator to prevent the occurrence of dangerous things

The general length of the elevator is 1.5 meters, the width is 1.4 meters, can not put down the stretcher. General the length and width of stretcher elevators are two meters, in the face of some dangerous accident, the elevator has no effect. Therefore, the size of the stretcher elevator, the length must be greater than two meters. In an emergency, you can play a decisive role in helping people's lives and health.

With a stretcher elevator is good, but there is another problem, because this stretcher lift occupies a larger size of the area, so that each floor residents to share more area, virtually put the residents of the housing area is reduced It's Few people will deliberately publicize the area of their own house to do stretcher lift. It is because of the public's thinking difficult to do, many developers designed the elevator size of less than two meters.