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Solve The Passenger Elevator Noise


As the floors get higher and higher, Passenger Elevator […]

As the floors get higher and higher, Passenger Elevator have become an indispensable lifting tool. The comfort and riding experience of passenger elevators are very important. In each building, there will be several passenger elevators and passenger elevators It does bring great convenience to our life, but it also brings us a lot of trouble. What is troubling? The noise generated from passenger elevator operation should not be underestimated. It has a great impact on our work and life. Therefore, the passenger elevator noise damping treatment is placed in front of us all.

The noise from the elevator and the noise from the traction machine are related to power. Current, bearings, traction sheave rope slot shape are the noise factor, the noise source, due to objects in the movement will have friction, friction will drop the practical power, the power decreased after the motor noise increases. However, the friction between the rope and traction sheave groove is a pros and cons of opposing sources. Below the following 1: 1 traction sheave slot and 2: 1 rewind traction sheave slot do the following comparison.

First of all, we need to know that when reducing noise attenuation of passenger elevators, attention should be paid to the following aspects: The original structure of fixed passenger elevators should be installed without affecting the performance of passenger elevators. Through a series of auxiliary measures, passenger elevators Noise value.

Passenger elevator car in the hoistway operation due to barometric pressure resistance and the outer body friction is also a major factor in the formation of car noise, the idea of this paper is to car the appearance, including the car roof, the car floor is planned to be tapered structure, External planning is very streamlined streamline, do not use the stairs with a car to reduce air resistance. Other hoistway roof to have a certain area of the windshield reduce passenger elevator high-speed operation of the hoistway wind pressure resistance, this plan to reduce noise, improve ride comfort has a significant role.