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Several Problems Need Attention When Purchasing Elevator


1. Confirmation of elevator type At start, it should be […]

1. Confirmation of elevator type

At start, it should be clear the use of the building, because in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, residential or industrial and mining enterprises of different types of building use, the use of the elevator often differ greatly, once confirmed, the change is very difficult.

According to the use of the building, building area, floor (height), staff flow, place in the building and other factors, in order to determine the elevator speed, load (full load of the elevator car), elevator units required.

2. Elevator construction drawing

After confirmation of the elevator type, speed, load, number, stop station number, total travel height, it may entrust the architectural design department to design blueprint, here to clear the elevator construction (mainly elevator hoistway) part, the design department must take the professional elevator manufacturer provided standard construction drawings the, and combine with the building elevator wells in different structure such as brick, concrete structure, masonry structure or steel structure such as drawing the elevator construction drawings.

To add is that although the owner may have not been determined which elevator manufacturers to choose, but due to the National Elevator Elevator Manufacturers Civil Standard, even if some different, is also similar, no big deal, the owners can rest assured.

3. Selection of elevator specifications

Now the elevator market has become a buyer's market, there are many options. Note that in the configuration hall, car door, car size and specifications of the elevator, as far as possible to choose the general standard of products, because the standard size of manufacturing cost is relatively uniform, less money. For example, two sets of the same brand lift, their speed, load, stop (door number) and configuration are all the same, the other car size table is non-standard, that is to say, need to be processed separately then, the cost of the equipment is 10% ~ 15% higher than the former, of course, if you want to use the elevator like traction or other forms of special specifications, larger cost can not avoid .