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Observe the Operation Manual Of the Freight Elevator


Freight elevator must be kept in safe working condition […]

Freight elevator must be kept in safe working condition, including compliance with national elevator codes and budgets for expensive maintenance and repair. Production and material changes may also lead to freight elevators no longer meet the needs of the company, so that its efficiency is low, to bring frustration to employees. In order to regulate the use of cargo lifts. To ensure that the correct and safe operation, to play the use of cargo elevator function, to prevent the occurrence of security incidents, safety procedures should be developed.

Before the daily work, the elevator must be carried up and down several times, no abnormalities before use. Check the clean room, car door to land whether the foreign body. Do not press the emergency call button, do not use the hard thing to beat the button. It is strictly forbidden to bump the elevator doors, siding and cars to prevent damage to the interlocking mechanism, resulting in failure of the cargo elevator. Do not beat, hand or close the door of the elevator door to prevent accidents. It is forbidden to close the elevator door gap by hand and feet to try to get the elevator open.

The items carried shall not exceed the rated load of the elevator. Carry the items should be as secure as possible in the middle of the car, to avoid dumping in operation. It is forbidden to carry long objects by opening the car's top safety window and car safety door. Do not allow the shipment of flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods, in case of special circumstances must be shipped, the need for safety management approval, and take the appropriate security measures. Ladders are strictly prohibited, "shipping, unloading, and pull goods except". Is strictly prohibited in the car slapstick, beating, is strictly prohibited acts, such as chaos, smashed.

When the elevator is used, the elevator operator should stop the car at the base, and the switch on the control panel all open, close the car door. Elevator maintenance, should be in the hall door hanging "elevator maintenance to stop running" warning signs. Elevator failure, should stop running, and promptly notify the maintenance staff to repair. In order to ensure personal safety, all staff should comply with the above operating procedures.