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Moving Walk is a Continuous Conveyor Machinery


Moving walk is a fixed electric drive device with a rec […]

Moving walk is a fixed electric drive device with a reclining ladder up or down to transport passengers. Escalators and moving walkways have the characteristics of continuous operation, large amount of transportation and no height elevation. They are widely used in public places such as shopping malls, subways, stations, airports and flyovers. The moving walk is made up of a specially constructed chain conveyor and two specially constructed belt conveyors with a circular ladder for up or down between the different layers of the building Tilt the passenger's fixed electric drive device. A continuous conveying machine up and down.

The electric ladder is generally inclined. Pedestrians in the escalator at one end of the station automatically walk the steps, will be automatically brought to the other end of the escalator, the way the way will be all the way to maintain the level. The ladder is equipped with handrails synchronized with the steps on both sides for the user to hold. Escalators can always walk in one direction, but most can be based on time, flow and other needs, by the management staff to control the direction of walking. Another and escalator is very similar to the pedestrian transport tools, is the automatic sidewalk. The difference between the two is that the number of automatic pedestrians is no cascade; most will only walk on the ground, or slightly tilted.

The moving walk consists of a ladder (modified plate conveyor) and a handrail (deformed belt conveyor) on both sides. (Including motors, decelerators, brakes and intermediate transmission links) to drive the main shaft, ladder tensioning device, handrail system, comb plate, escalator frame and the main drive system, including the main components of the steps, traction chain and sprocket, rail system, Electrical systems. The steps are gradually formed at the passenger's entrance, and the ladder is gradually approaching the entrance, and the steps are moved again. These movements are carried out by the steps of the main wheel, the auxiliary wheel along the different cascade rails to achieve.