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Maintenance Of The Stretcher Elevator Affects The Operation


Stretcher elevator maintenance of a direct impact on it […]

Stretcher elevator maintenance of a direct impact on its operating conditions, failure rate and service life. So the elevator maintenance staff need to be specially trained. Stretcher elevator maintenance is divided into routine maintenance and regular maintenance of two parts.

Routine maintenance is through the maintenance of the eyes, ears, nose, hands, body, the equipment and its operating state observation, inspection and simple test. Timely detection and resolution of fault signs. Usually two weeks for routine maintenance. Regular maintenance is through the operation of certain parts of the equipment for a detailed inspection, repair, replacement, adjustment, so that the parts to meet the necessary standards, fundamentally guarantee the inherent quality of equipment. Usually a month to carry out a regular maintenance.

First clean up the various parts of the fouling (clean up the commutator, only with a brush, dry cloth, not with liquid detergent scouring, can not clean with a harder than copper). Check the carbon brush with or without defects, the length of the carbon brush (from crimping rivet to the face) See Figure 1 (click), less than 5mm should be replaced, pay attention to the specifications of the model and its face of the research and development.

Check whether the carbon brush wiring is loose, the screw is tightening the various parts. Carbon brush and commutator contact, the contact surface should be greater than 60% of the surface of the carbon brush, check the commutator surface roughness, do not scratch the commutator. If you have scratched, scars can be used when the shampoo polished smooth; scratches deep to 0.5mm or more, the need to remove the heavy truck. Heavy truck repair under the commutator under the trench depth should meet the requirements (> 1mm).