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Machine Room Less Elevator Meets Modern Needs


Machine room less elevator is relative to the machine r […]

Machine room less elevator is relative to the machine room elevator in terms of, that is not to leave a separate elevator room, that is, save the engine room, the original room of the control panel, traction machine, speed limiters and other elevators Some related equipment directly into the elevator shaft. The equipment of the machine room less elevator is installed directly on the side wall of the hoistway, so there is no need to set the hook beam.

Machine room less elevator (MRL) has several advantages over traditional elevator design. MRL is a traction elevator without a machine room at the top of the hoistway. In contrast, the traction traction machine isf located at the top side wall of the hoistway or at the bottom of the hoistway. The motor is equipped with a permanent magnet and is equipped with a variable frequency voltage converter. Some cranes use a gearless synchronous motor instead of a conventional induction motor. MRL uses a conventional wire rope in lifting cables. Some manufacturers use flat steel ropes to save space. MRL elevators are typically used for 20-storey low and medium-rise buildings.

There are several benefits to using MRL: they take up less space and reduce power by 40% compared to other designs. In addition, they do not use oil, which eliminates concerns about leakage and contamination. Machine room less elevator also produces less heat and has fa slightly lower operating cost than conventional elevators. Use them to help architects get leadership in energy and environmental design from the US Green Building Council. MRLs were introduced in the 1990s. They are used in Europe over the United States for a long time, because overseas building codes have adapted to new technologies and designs faster.

The newer elevator model is replacing the traditional gear traction lift and began to replace the high-rise hydraulic lift. As people move from hydraulic lanes to more environmentally friendly technologies, gearless MRLs are becoming the fastest growing part of the North American elevator industry. MRL is currently about one-third of the elevator market.