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Intelligent Technology Define High-end Residential Elevator Standards


To innovation to do the product to the quality of the m […]

To innovation to do the product to the quality of the market, to serve a brand " Desenk continue the United States Desenk elevator brand spirit, bringing together the advantages of global resources, has always been committed to providing customers with "safe, comfortable, energy saving, fast and efficient!" building equipment which win the customer favorite and trust. For a long time, Desenk Elevator together with many domestic estate development group carry out, commercial, residential and other high-end projects, the provided high-quality passenger ladder, escalator products and supporting service was unanimously praised.

Desenk take the ladder series of products, with industry-leading real-time operation and maintenance system, the smart elements into all aspects of the product, the unique intelligent building to send ladder system security design concept, so you are comfortable and more secure; Desenk elevator intelligent energy solutions, the highest energy efficiency up to 75%, so that building power supply network green low-carbon operation. With the "smart", "green", "safe" quality advantages, as well as the industry's most stringent service specifications, the Desenk Elevator redefines the high-end residential elevator product standards.

"High-end residential area project on the elevator product safety, comfort, energy efficiency, intelligence has a special request to participate in the Jiangsu region of many high-end residential series of projects, once again supporting the Desenk elevator in intelligent technology and technology Innovation, after-sales service, etc. is worthy of customer trust choice. "Desenk said the elevator.

This series of projects for the Desenk Elevator continued to force the Yangtze River Delta region high-end real estate market has laid a good foundation, Desenk elevator will always be high-quality products and dedicated service for the majority of elite owners to provide the most quality of life.