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In order to ensure the safe use of elevators


In order to ensure the safe use of elevators, especiall […]

In order to ensure the safe use of elevators, especially the safety of elevator use personnel in crowded places, improve the level of emergency rescue and emergency rescue of elevators, examine the relevant departments' ability to deal with elevator accidents and rescue capabilities, and train emergency rescue teams for elevator accidents. On the morning of June 22, organized by the Heshan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau,freight elevator  Jiangmen Special Equipment Inspection Station Heshan Station, Guangdong Famous Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd., and Heshan Jingwei Property Management Co., Ltd., co-organized to carry out elevator emergency rescue in Kaixuancheng District. drill.

At 10:00, Luo Chaohua, secretary of the party group and director of the Heshan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, announced the beginning of the drill. The contents of the drill simulated the sudden failure of the passenger elevator in Building 38 of Kaixuan City. After the failure, the passengers used the emergency call system to call for help. After the property management staff on duty received the rescue alarm, they immediately started the “Emergency Emergency Plan for Elevator Faults”. Keep talking with trapped passengers, appease trapped passengers, and contact elevator maintenance company at the first time. After the arrival of the rescue team of Guangdong Famous Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd., immediately following the elevator rescue procedures, the power failure of the elevator was implemented, and the personnel were organized to carry out on-site emergency rescue. At the same time, continue to appease the passengers in the elevator to be calm, do not attempt to jump the ladder, follow the command, and stand on the back wall. About 15 minutes later, the rescue personnel adjusted the elevator to the first floor leveling floor through the manual control mode, and successfully rescued the trapped people. Subsequently, the emergency drill team announced the success of the elevator emergency rescue drill, and the drill ended.

After the drill, Deputy Director Ren Zeming made a summary review and expressed his affirmation of the rescue drill. He pointed out that the city’s elevator-related units should effectively strengthen elevator safety managementmoving walk , strictly implement the main responsibility of elevator use units and maintenance units, and supervise their departments’ responsibilities, strengthen day-to-day management and maintenance, and timely find and eliminate all kinds of safety hazards. . It is necessary to establish the concept of drills for emergency plans, consolidate the basics of emergency management, improve the implementation of contingency plans for special equipment, and improve the ability to prevent and handle emergent public safety incidents. It is necessary to improve the popularization and publicity of emergency knowledge so that the public can fully understand and master the safety emergency knowledge. To schedule inspections, take the initiative to troubleshoot hidden dangers, insist on early detection, early warning, early control, and early disposal, so that prevention and emergency response can be combined to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

Through drills, elevator users, emergency rescue units, and logistical support units all stated that they further clarified the organization and implementation procedures for elevator emergency rescue, trained the emergency team, improved the quality of personnel, and strengthened the coordination awareness, which will be timely for the city’s future. It has laid a solid foundation for the effective disposal of elevator safety accidents. In the next step, the Market Supervision Bureau will continue to strengthen propaganda, organize drills throughout the city, increase the rescue proficiency of elevator use units, and enhance the public's awareness of elevator safety protection and emergency escape self-rescue capability.