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How the Desenk Elevator Works for Us


Desenk elevator is a permanent service that serves a nu […]

Desenk elevator is a permanent service that serves a number of specific floors within a building whose car is running at least two rows of rigid orbital motion perpendicular to the horizontal plane or with an inclination angle of less than 15 ° with the vertical line. There are steps, stepping board mounted on the track for continuous operation, commonly known as escalators or automatic sidewalks.

The two ends of the hoisting rope are respectively attached to the car and the counterweight, wound on the traction wheel and the guide wheel, the traction motor is driven by the reducer to drive the traction wheel, and the traction force caused by the friction between the hoisting rope and the traction wheel , To achieve the car and the weight of the movements, to achieve the purpose of transport. This is the working principle of the Desenk elevator.

Modern Desenk elevators are mainly composed of traction machines (winch), rails, counterweight devices, safety devices (such as speed limiters, safety gears and buffers), signal handling systems, cars and hall doors. These parts are installed in the building of the shaft and the engine room. Usually using wire rope friction drive, wire rope around the traction wheel, both ends of the car and the balance of the weight, the motor drive traction wheel to lift the car.

Manned Desenk elevators are intelligent, automated, computer-controlled, and do not require specialized personnel to operate. Passengers only need to walk in the elevator floor entrance, according to their own uplink or downlink needs, press the up or down arrow button, as long as the button on the light, it means that your call has been recorded, as long as waiting for the arrival of the elevator.

After the Desenkelevator reaches the door, enter the car, according to the floor you need to reach, press the car on the control panel corresponding to the number button. Similarly, as long as the button light is on, then your selection layer has been recorded; this time without any other operation, as long as the elevator to reach your destination layer can be docked. The Desenk elevator will automatically open the door after driving to your target layer, at this time out of the elevator in order to end a ride process.