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Dumbwaiter Elevator Has Spread To Every Corner Of Life


Dumbwaiter elevator, lifting platform is a multi-functi […]

Dumbwaiter elevator, lifting platform is a multi-function lifting machinery and equipment, can be divided into fixed and mobile, rail, curved arm, scissors, chain, loading and unloading platform. Lifts are usually used for rescue and decoration.

The earliest appearance of the dumbwaiter elevator should be traced back to the ancient Chinese and European countries, when there are tools such as pulleys to transport people and goods vertically. The modern lifts were the product of the nineteenth century steam engine. In 1845, the first lift was born, when the liquid used was water. In 1853, the United States Ai Lisa Otis invented automatic safety device, greatly improve the safety of cable traction lift.

The development of dumbwaiter elevators is in a peak state, as most manufacturers or individuals in order to improve the utilization of the site, more choice of multi-storey building, which also requires a device to facilitate the lifting of the goods down. Due to the high cost of ordinary elevator, low carrying capacity, not suitable for loading tens of tons or hundreds of tons of goods, so the development of a high capacity of the hydraulic lift to assist in production and cargo transport. Lift that is safe and has a large load capacity, and easy maintenance, making this special industry some faster development.

With the development of social science and technology, dumbwaiter elevator has spread to every corner of social life, the use of more and more widely, whether it is construction, civil engineering, and people's daily lives are inseparable from the lift machinery, many businesses to seize this business investment Construction, lifting machinery company followed by bamboo shelter in the major industrial cities, the lift market is hot exception, in short supply, from the side can be seen, the rapid development of society, promote the development of the industry as well as people's needs.