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DSK Hospital Elevator Successfully joined the Shandong Provincial Hospital


In recent years, with the continuous development of Chi […]

%e6%97%a0%e6%a0%87%e9%a2%98In recent years, with the continuous development of China's medical undertakings, new and renovation and expansion of the hospital has been expanding, so the demand for medical elevators and other products is also rising.

Recently, from the United States Centennial Seiko quality elevator industry leading brand DSK China, with intelligent innovation solutions, customized human design and excellent product quality performance, successfully joined the Shandong Provincial Hospital West Hospital rehabilitation center, Weifang Qingzhou Rongjun Hospitals and other large comprehensive medical institutions, to provide more than one medical elevator and small machine room passenger ladder products.

Compared to other elevator products, medical elevators need to meet the needs of people including people with disabilities, wheelchair users, but also to meet the hospital medical and health-related requirements, such as to accommodate stretchers and transport large hospital equipment, special surgery Ladder, etc., in addition to meet the needs of hospital antibacterial infection.

Inheritance of the United States DSK century leading innovative technology gene, DSK Chinese medical lifts to fully consider the application of the environment and the specificity of the use of leading R & D strength and DSK's unique US Department of highly integrated control system, into Intelligent, user-friendly and efficient, high-precision control design concept, the contracted service of medical institutions to provide customized product design, component configuration and installation program to ensure that fully meet the needs of the hospital.

DSK medical elevator designed for medical design, wide car door and deep car design so that beds and medical equipment smooth and convenient access to the elevator, for patients to win valuable treatment time; intelligent voice system auxiliary ride, car built-in lighting System, car clearance is high, air flow is good, so that patients and medical staff feel comfortable and beautiful, better experience; permanent magnet synchronous gearless technology, efficient energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and mature advanced control technology The new large data analysis and control system, to achieve intelligent elevator operation, to maximize the utilization of the elevator, shorten the time of patients and medical staff waiting time.

Milliseconds is not bad, considerate, DSK elevator adhering to the leading peer of the US Department of wisdom model, while the integration of Chinese R & D team customized innovative design, to achieve excellent safety, user-friendly product quality, to ensure that millions of medical staff and The patient offers the best quality ride and experience!