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DSK Elevator Quality Shines the Earth


With excellent product quality, innovative intelligence […]

With excellent product quality, innovative intelligence technology and five-star after-sales service and other advantages, DSK elevator recently signed Shandong Zhongxing Xing home, Weihai Lotte mansion, Zibo Dongtai Yue Lan Bay and Jining Tianxing sunshine home, days Xingxiang Square, Tianxing Washington, Yangliu International Torch Square and other residential and commercial real estate projects, as its small machine room passenger ladder products suppliers, the two sides will be in good faith and win-win concept for owners to provide the most secure, comfortable and energy-saving quality of the escalator products and services.

With the level of economic and social development, people on the building and living environment of environmental protection and environmental protection increasingly attention. At the same time, in the building of the overall energy-saving emission reduction program, the elevator as an important supporting facilities play a key role, green, energy saving, environmental protection has become an important measure of elevator quality standards.

As an industry-leading provider of escalator solutions, the DSK Elevator is environmentally friendly for technological innovation. Energy-saving products for DSK’s small engine room passenger's permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, green, mute, environmentally friendly , Compared to the traditional traction machine, low energy consumption, and no need to use lubricants, to avoid pollution, more environmentally friendly.

In recent years, DSK elevator products continue to siege in the country, gradually in-depth Hunan, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Chongqing and other regions. DSK elevator recently won the bid for high-quality projects in Shandong, reflecting the brand and quality of the DSK elevator more and more recognized by the majority of customers.

Desenke Elevator will continue to deepen the domestic market, and project customers sincere cooperation, to provide customers with satisfaction with the elevator products and services, so that modern owners to enjoy the perfect ride experience!