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DSK Elevator: "Internet +" Era Transformation and Upgrading


At present, the Internet wave in full swing, is bring a […]

At present, the Internet wave in full swing, is bring a fundamental, subversive impact to the traditional manufacturing industry, the elevator business is also a comprehensive transformation and upgrading. So, "Internet +" era of elevator business should be how to transition? Hundreds of well-known elevator brand DSK elevator concept and practice may give us a lot of inspiration.

Based on the background of Internet + and industrialization 4.0, the elevator industry is facing the all-round upgrade and the new opportunities and challenges of elevator enterprises from the technical process to the equipment manufacturing ability, from the integration of information technology solutions to the ability to use the Internet to upgrade.

DSK Elevator makes full use of Internet thinking, in the brand marketing, customer maintenance, user needs and market analysis and other aspects of the network to achieve large data analysis, accurate grasp of customer needs; the same time, DSK by virtue of advanced enterprise information systems and IT integration Solution advantages, cut into the elevator after the service market, and better provide a full range of elevator business integrated solutions to achieve a new service upgrade. In addition, the DSK elevator through the Internet to external resources and internal resources for effective integration, to achieve the R & D model upgrade, so that all the Dyson grams elevator users, maintainers have become the development of participants.

DSK Elevator has always been adhering to the "safety-oriented, quality first" concept, technology and products continue to upgrade the foothold is always safe and quality.

DSK elevator took the lead in the establishment of large data technology based on the intelligent remote elevator monitoring system, real-time monitoring of elevator operating conditions and other information, and according to the system to collect large data information for intelligent analysis, forecast and find elevator failure, Preventive "maintenance, which not only can significantly reduce the probability of elevator failure to ensure that the safety of the elevator, but also to elevator maintenance testing becomes more convenient. Once the elevator fails, the DSK Elevator Customer Service will be able to learn the situation and take action.