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DSK Elevator: Intelligent Technology Services All of the World


In 1933 Ade Johnson founded DSK Elevator in the United […]

In 1933 Ade Johnson founded DSK Elevator in the United States, and has developed into one of the world's leading elevator and escalator R & D manufacturing companies. DSK China joint venture is invested by the US Desenk Holding Group in China, the DSK elevator inherited the brand values and technology, quality-based genes of United States DSK.

In China, the world's largest elevator market, the Desenk Elevator offers innovative solutions for building, commercial and passenger transport with innovative and superior technology. At the same time, DSK elevator combined the leading global vision with localized flexibility to participate deeply in China's rapid development of the modernization, urbanization process, and gradually developed into a high-end elevator leading brand. Since its inception, Dresdner elevator sales rank the forefront of the industrysales with 50% growth rate for 5 years. DSK elevator has become one of most important elevator, escalator equipment and services suppliers in Chinese market.

Based on the Internet + and industry 4.0, cloud computing era, focusing on new discovery of industrial Internet smart business, DSK elevator took the lead in large data, intelligent, networking and other concepts and technologies used in the industry, and through its mechanism of intelligent research , to promote the innovation drive the core, in order to promote the elevator industry, modern equipment technology, from the traditional manufacturing to upgrade to a comprehensive; at the same time, DSK elevator enhance production, learning, research, collaborative innovation of the new model to further deepen the cutting-edge technology industrial application of the integration to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and improve the high value-added and the international competitiveness of DSK elevator products.

Elevator as a special equipment, quality and safety is the most concerned part of customer. DSK elevator formed a perfect quality control process system and established a "safe, energy saving, comfort" as the center The Trinity of the monitoring system on the quality and R & D system. DSK try best to enhance product quality and make the pursuit of quality become the DNA of enterprise.

At present, DKS elevator will use intelligent technology in the production process, and develop the industry-leading SPM system. The production process will continue to be transparent, data, sub-management, product management process to achieve full control, traceable, for customers Provide a transparent, visible security product.

Quality leadership, global services. In the future development, DSK will provide the best quality products and fine services for world, especially China customers.DKS will create a "safe, energy saving, comfort" urban buildings with new life experience for more owners, to carry infinite vitality with you.

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