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DSK Elevator: Focus on Casting Products to Open up the Brand Global Market


Since DSK elevator came to the fore in the domestic ele […]

Since DSK elevator came to the fore in the domestic elevator industry depend on virtue of the superb technology and precise market positioning, fine national operation, DSK has successfully opened up a lot of domestic market, and gradually permeate the brand strategy to the national scope of the more remote provinces and cities to bring the vulgar DSK's unlimited lift for more audience.

In the brand development road, DSK adheres to the quality of the is the first weapon to open up market; "build elevator star business, cast a century-old brand" in this business vision, DSK elevator concentrate on casting, Market competitiveness of the elevator and escalator series of standardized products on the basis of always adhere to customer-oriented, and promote the marketing network to develop and deepen the work, from the elevator design and manufacture to the use of continuous optimization of service processes to improve service quality. From the product development, design, installation, maintenance, maintenance, customer service consulting process DSK have a comprehensive control, a complete refinement, including the team, including the service system,DSK hold the "customer needs as their duty, to create a housekeeper-like service" business purposes to implement, enhance the brand in the hearts of customers around the world credibility. Brand development on the road, DSK concentrate on casting products.

As one of the fastest growing enterprises in the domestic elevator industry, DSK Elevator has developed a world-class product quality, and has established a comprehensive brand R & D and product production system in the early stage. From the product manufacturing center, Design center to customer service center, each step has a special team to control the whole, fully committed to creating a truly global market for the professional modern elevator manufacturing star business.

In order to meet the product marketing market all over the country, DSK Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. after-sales service agencies nationwide, the implementation of the national maintenance network, and based on product characteristics and customer situation, for each user carefully customized a set of exclusive elevator Maintenance plan. Quickly identify the product identity system, 24 hours a day to prepare, completely relieve your worries. Choose DSK, which means you will enjoy the "five-hearted babysitting service".

Since the advent of the first product of DSK, its brand footprint has gradually spread all over the world. DSK Elevator is to win from different countries in the world of customer recognition and love. From Southeast Asia to Europe and the United States, DSK to build a brand of global sales channels. Years of brand development, the achievements of the DSK brand global blueprint.

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