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Differences Between The Three Forms Of Car Elevators


Car elevator is to transport the car up and down the el […]

Car elevator is to transport the car up and down the elevator. Car elevator is not the day when the elevator was invented, but with the rapid development of urbanization, the vigorous development of automobile industry came into being. More and more urban land, in recent years, the streets are full of cars, so had to find ways to park a large number of cars to the basement and roof above, for the huge sums of urban space, why not let cars Take the elevator up and down like people? So there was a great invention of the car elevator. Car elevator as if from a strange new product into a car vertical transport of choice weapon. Car lifts save up to 80% in floor space and more than tripled car turnaround compared to traditional car ramps. In recent years, with the rapid development of auto sales industry and auto service industry, car lifts have been widely used in places such as car parks, car stores, car repair, stations and automobiles, real estate and business clubs.

Car elevator is a special elevator to solve the problem of vertical transportation of cars. As an important vertical vehicle for vehicles, car lifts save up to 80% of the floor space and double the car's turnaround efficiency over traditional car ramps. Car elevator according to its driving method, generally divided into three types: hydraulic car elevator, a car traction elevator room, machine room traction car elevator.

Then talk about these three forms of late use of car elevator difference! Due to the slow speed of hydraulic elevators and their low lift movements, a more economical and practical trailing elevator has been selected for the vast majority of applications. The latest global elevator statistics show that more than 90% of the world are towed elevators, so the supply of traction elevator accessories more extensive and affordable, while the hydraulic elevator on the contrary.

Now the direction of elevator traction machine is permanent magnet synchronous gearless host, which is characterized by high operating efficiency, sealed bearings without lubrication, pollution-free, adequate supply of spare parts, troubleshooting simple. Hydraulic ladder is inevitable oil spill problems, high energy consumption, high pollution, the hydraulic system is a more sophisticated system, high maintenance requirements, parts damage to be customized, long repair and replacement cycle, difficult, especially in the cold north, The hydraulic oil will solidify in cold temperatures, causing the elevator to malfunction.