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Difference Of The Passenger Elevator And Villa Elevator


In order to better enjoy the private life, many villa o […]

In order to better enjoy the private life, many villa owners have chosen to install the villa elevator. In the process of paying attention to this private lift, my friends also attach great importance to the difference between such lift and passenger lift, hoping to grasp the difference between the two better and have a more complete understanding of the lift.The difference between a villa elevator and a Passenger Elevator recognizes that the two most basic differences are the range of uses, the former being for a family elevator and the latter being a public elevator. Of course, there are differences in load capacity, private elevator load tends to be lower, public elevator load is often much higher.

Recognize the difference between the two, there are also different ways to open the door, the private elevator can be divided into two kinds of automatic doors and the door handle, but the public elevator is only the automatic door mode. There are also differences in the specific driving modes. Private elevators often adopt a more environmentally-friendly driving mode and public elevators adopt a more aggressive driving mode.

In this way, the difference between the villa elevator and the passenger elevator can have more understanding and hope that all friends can actively grasp the differences of each part. So to help people understand the basic knowledge of elevator products, the depth of each elevator to understand help is very large, so many of my friends are also very concerned about the relevant knowledge.

Before entering any elevator, you need to understand the safety knowledge and basic self-help method, which is a matter of caution. First of all, when preparing to enter the car, it is necessary to see if the car is low or high with respect to the floor plan. If this abnormality occurs, it is more likely that the elevator is at risk. At this point, you should inform the responsible person or maintenance staff. At the same time, also take a lift in the villa is a need to pay attention to a detail, before each take the elevator need to check once, to ensure safe protection, before taking the elevator.