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Development Path Of The Machine Room Less Elevator


1998 Germany HIRO LIFT launched its innovative design o […]

1998 Germany HIRO LIFT launched its innovative design of machine room less elevator, machine room less elevator developed rapidly thereafter. Because it does not take up room space, green, energy saving and other advantages and has been more and more people use. In recent years, 70-80% of newly installed elevators in Japan and Europe are machine room-less elevators, and only 20-30% of the elevators have a machine room or a hydraulic elevator.

The advantage of the machine room less elevator is the use of hoistway installation hoist and control cabinet, machine roomless elevator and machine room elevator the same, the use of permanent magnet synchronous motor. Currently installed on the market room-less elevator, traction machine installation location vary greatly due to the manufacturer, the use of hoistway inside, in the car guide rail, heavy rail and car combination, in the beam and the sidewall can be installed.

In the history of the development of machine room less elevator, a total of four generations, the first generation of the next set-style, worm gear traction, hoistway area; second generation of machine room elevator is a reasonable arrangement of the elevator traction machine, increase the guide wheel , And the traction machine installed in the middle of the elevator shaft; the third generation of machine roomless elevator is invented by KONE, butterfly motor permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, so that machine roomless elevator has a fundamental development, but the elevator The traction machine placed on the rail, so that the elevator noise and vibration great; the fourth generation of machine room less elevator is the most advanced machine roomless elevator, invented by WALESS and make up for the defects of the previous three generations, the machine room elevator lift height and load Get a substantial increase in safety performance and control technology has also been greatly improved.

Many machine room less elevator maintenance and operation functions are provided by the landing access panel. The key to the landing access panel should always be easily accessible to maintenance personnel and rescue personnel. Maintenance or rescue operations on the landing board should be carried out according to the correct procedures. Before operating the elevator, it is necessary to confirm the status of persons in the car and only allow the elevator to operate in manual and emergency rescue mode. After the operation is finished and without operator care, the landing access panel should be closed and locked. The casual operation of unqualified personnel can cause great harm, even personal injury.