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Desenk Elevator Has Entered a New Period of Development


In the economic activities of modern society, the desen […]

In the economic activities of modern society, the desenk elevator has become a symbol of urban material civilization. Especially in high-rise buildings, elevators are indispensable vertical transport equipment. Elevator as a vertical transport of lifting equipment, which is characterized by high-rise buildings in the occupied area is very small, while electrical or other control can be passengers or cargo safe and efficient delivery to different floors. Based on these advantages, in the construction industry, especially the rapid development of high-rise buildings today, the elevator industry has entered a new period of development.

Obviously, the desenk elevator is a kind of intermittent movement, moving in the vertical direction, there are electric drive the transport of goods or people's lifting equipment, in the construction equipment is a crane. At the airport, stations, large commercial buildings and other public places commonly used in escalators and automatic walkways, according to professional definition belongs to a tilt or horizontal direction to complete the continuous transport of transport machinery, it is only a branch of the elevator family. At present, the United States, Japan, Britain, France and other countries are accustomed to the elevator, escalators and automatic sidewalks are classified as vertical transport equipment.

Elevator maintenance, has always been known as the industry is the elevator "physical examination." How is the elevator standard? Why should we maintain? Maintenance quality is good or bad, what is the relationship? What are the consequences of low-cost maintenance? How much do you know about these issues? If you have time, may wish to compare the same brand of the same model of the elevator, take a look at different conservation and maintenance, will have much impact on the life, you know how important maintenance.

Professionals said that the current maintenance of the desenk elevator is divided into two forms: First, by the elevator original authorized or commissioned by the company for maintenance; Second, the use of elevator units to use third-party maintenance companies for maintenance. According to preliminary statistics, due to various factors, some elevator maintenance in the non-standard, not in place and other issues. Professionals say that there are many incentives for maintenance, such as the absence of property in some districts or the absence of takeover of the problem, resulting in the use of the main body is not clear; some property in order to save money, significantly lower than the cost of hiring maintenance companies , The defenders have "form"; In addition, the number of high-speed elevator, professional maintenance personnel gap is large.