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Car Elevator To Help You Automatically Stop


Do you hate valet parking? You have to discount expensi […]

Do you hate valet parking? You have to discount expensive car keys to a parking attendant who will move your seat or bring your car out, and there will be a mysterious scratches on your door. While valet looks like a luxury way, too many may go wrong. Several buildings in the state are using valet services that do not require attendants.

Imagine if you can pull your car into a high-end apartment and drive your car to a steel tray. After closing the engine, the glass door will close you and your car in the car elevator and take you to your apartment. You go into your place, the glass behind you, and now your living room has a showroom. Although this is not the reality of YET, there are many similar systems that are used throughout the state.

There is a building in New York using a custom car elevator to park the resident vehicle. After pulling your car into the car elevator, it will take you to your floor and put the car back in the private space next to their unit. The system has been quite successful and favored by celebrities. They can bypass any staff or beg for signatures because they are almost invisible. The elevator will not move unless the car closes and once you reach your apartment, the sensor will automatically turn on the lights and the exhaust fan.

Two Manhattan mansions use a car elevator, where the automatic parking system stops the car after you go out. How a resident works, into the garage and turntable. The computer can help you park your vehicle on the turntable. When the driver turns off the car, the turntable rotates your car, so it faces outward when it returns. Next, the metal teeth grabbed the car under the tires, the trolley fell off, moving the car vertically and horizontally to one of the 40 parking spaces. The whole process takes only about a minute, it will be based on the key ring to remember the people's car.