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Application Of The China Elevator Control Cabinet


DC motor is characterized by good speed performance, sp […]

DC motor is characterized by good speed performance, speed range, it has long been used in elevators, the use of a motor-driven generator form. It controls the elevator speed of 4m / s, however, the unit structure of large size, high power consumption, large maintenance workload, high cost, it is often used in the building of high speed, comfort requirements.

China elevator control cabinet has long been used in industry, but for the elevator but to solve the comfort, especially the low-speed section, so the application later, it is almost simultaneous with the computer. It has many advantages over a combination of a motor and a generator, such as machine room space savings and more.

China elevator control system hardware consists of the car control panel, hall signal, PLC, inverter, speed control system, the inverter only to complete the speed control function, and logic control part is completed by the PLC. PLC is responsible for dealing with the logic of various signals, so as to send start-stop signal to the inverter, at the same time the inverter will also send its own working status to the PLC, forming a two-way relationship. The system is also equipped with a coaxial motor connected to the rotary encoder and PG card to complete speed detection and feedback, the formation of closed-loop speed and position closed loop. In addition, the system must also be equipped with a braking resistor. When the elevator decelerates and runs, the motor is in a regenerative state and feeds back power to the inverter to restrain the DC voltage from increasing.

Many people think that the "elevator control system" and "access control system", in fact, there is a big difference between them, the current market most of the IC card elevator control system can only be called "elevator access control", because the concept of" elevator control "is very wide, including elevator floor credit card control, elevator remote monitoring and fault alarm, elevator remote control, elevator multimedia information management, elevator energy consumption monitoring and management, city elevator integrated monitoring Management, elevator intercom management and so on. The elevator "credit card control" is only one of the small part.

Professional China Elevator controller is the main control board mounted on the elevator car top or car control panel, the reader and the host near, and the card line will not follow the elevator accompanying cable up and down movement, interference The probability will be greatly reduced. Elevator control system card readers are often optimized for the elevator car metal wall design, card reader has a better anti-metal shield effect, does not appear that kind of ordinary card reader mounted on metal objects can not read the card .