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Alert About Passenger Lift Safety


Elevation of the elevator in the event of improper oper […]

Elevation of the elevator in the event of improper operation is a danger that may cause a fatal hazard and is expected to cause the following safety concerns and cause concern to the personnel of the control personnel as well as the passenger lift.

When moving between the floors, some passenger lifts have been found. If pressure is applied to open the door, the following occurs:

The elevator car will stop and the affected passenger lift on the elevator will pass through the open loop so that people are potentially dangerous and the goalkeeper closes again and, once there is no obstruction, the elevator will continue to reach the destination normally. If this happens, the passengers in the passenger's elevator should remain open.

HSA has initiated an emergency inspection program to determine the extent and nature of the passenger lifts involved.

Qualified personnel, in addition to the normal plan, but also to conduct a total of six comprehensive inspection or maintenance personnel, and to take care of their own safety, should pay special attention to the following:

Wear affects the parts of the hall and the elevator door. The distance between the elevator door and the elevator shaft. Inside and outside the elevator door to ensure the normal operation of the door.

The Work Safety, Health and Welfare Act provides that employers and persons who control any workplace are obliged to ensure that access to all means and the use of any article is safe and free from health risks.

Personnel responsible for passenger lift operations should also ensure that there is a current comprehensive inspection report. They should also have a log that records the details of any repairs or checks.

Although the use of passenger lifts in general is a safe way of entry and exit, but should be taken care of by vulnerable groups such as children. China passenger elevator door as described above open the exception, then all passengers should leave the door, waiting for the elevator to complete the journey.