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According To The Function To Distinguish China Elevator


As a general-purpose vertical transport machinery, Chin […]

As a general-purpose vertical transport machinery, China Elevator are widely used in different occasions. The control, dragging and driving modes of elevators are also varied. Therefore, the elevator classification methods are as follows. According to the conventional method, elevators can be divided into passenger elevators, freight elevators, hospital elevators and the like. This is a commonly used classification method, but because of the elevator has a certain versatility, so by the use of classification in the use of more. However, the actual standards are not very clear.

Passenger elevators are mainly for transporting passengers, as well as for transporting daily articles of suitable weight and volume. For high-rise residential, office buildings, hotels or restaurants and other large flow of public places. The interior decoration of the car requires a higher degree of comfort and rigor of the operation, with good lighting and ventilation facilities. In order to limit the number of passengers, the car has a limited area and a large car-to-car ratio to facilitate personnel access. In order to improve operational efficiency, it runs faster. Derived varieties of residential elevators, tourist lifts and so on.

Freight elevators are used to transport the goods and carry the loading and unloading staff. Due to the different physical properties of the goods transported, the internal volume of the car is quite different. However, in order to meet the requirements of loading and unloading of goods, its structural requirements are solid. Due to the large rated shipping weight, the general operating speed is lower to save equipment investment and power consumption. Car wide-deep ratio is generally less than 1.

Hospital elevator can transport patients, medical aid equipment. It is characterized by a small car width to depth ratio, the depth of not less than 2.4m, to be able to accommodate beds, requiring smooth operation, low noise, leveling accuracy.

At present, the development of China elevator technology makes the elevator control increasingly perfect, the operation tends to be simple, the function tends to be diverse, and the control mode is developing toward the widespread application of new microelectronics technology. And China elevators are also becoming more and more important in our lives.