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Contemporary annotated mathematician Hua Luogeng has stressed that smart out of hard work, genius is the accumulation. Desenke's success stems from the passion for the cause of the elevator and hard work of the Dresden people. When everyone is focused on the future development of Desenke, this hard-working spirit will promote Desenke to a more long-term trajectory.




Desenke always adhere to scientific and technological innovation is the primary productive force of the market philosophy. Since the establishment of the enterprise, unswervingly take the road of independent innovation, vigorously introduce all kinds of high-paying professionals, fully committed to the elevator technology research and development projects, and deepen the development of brand products, determined to create a star-century elevator innovation enterprises.




Honesty is the soul of the market economy, is the enterprise in addition to products, another gold card. De Senke uphold a high degree of integrity of the community, attention to customer brand of trust, conduct, are honesty, in good faith, the line of things Xinyi.




People are the core of the power of enterprises, enterprises at the beginning of Deshenke established enterprises have a highly efficient team capable of upholding a highly consistent team spirit, Co-write the global song of Desenke brand.