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Better Management Of the Hospital Elevator


Hospital, as a special occasion, how can we be more eff […]

Hospital, as a special occasion, how can we be more efficient, safe to use and good management of hospital elevator ?

We first look at the particularity of hospital elevators. Hospital as a life-saving situation, the patient can be treated in the first time, which relates to the survival of patients with life, and patients to the required treatment between the departments, the elevator is the most important carrier. Then reduce the waiting time for the safety of patients with a more security, so that the hospital elevator is that it is not only a carrier, more importantly, the transport tool and the patient's life linked.

First of all, in the hospital elevator, the establishment of a lift for the emergency, surgery dedicated elevator (elevator with fixed telephone equipment), while other elevators to establish a single double-decker approach. Second, the establishment of a dedicated medical elevator and waste under the elevator. Medical elevators include transport of drugs, clinical vehicles, medical personnel, etc .; waste under the elevator only in the garbage collection time dedicated, and then set up the elevator staff in the post, the job set up to meet the above-mentioned elevator passenger peak evacuation work The Through this approach, effectively alleviate the ladder, waiting ladder congestion phenomenon.

Second, in the use of the elevator process, the establishment of a complete elevator disinfection, maintenance, use records. The records of these records can be done in the future work of the elevator which is well documented, you can make the elevator maintenance, maintenance more planned. Third, in the elevator maintenance, to remove the relevant technical supervision departments of the annual inspection, the hospital within the regular use of the elevator self-check, self-test work.

The above is a brief reference to some of the hospital elevator use and management methods. In short, with the city, the hospital building is increasing, the elevator in the use of the hospital is more extensive and important, how to better use and management of hospital elevators, or worthy of our in-depth discussion.